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Hot spa tub quote generator - beta

Spa Model:
Optional extras  
Ozone (add $249.95)
Stainless steel jets (add $574.95)
LED lighting (add $599)
Standard delivery (add $249.95)

Some Important Notes:

Prices are for series III spa models.

The prices quoted here are our maximum retail prices designed to give customers an indication of prices.

We are prepared to negotiate better prices for customers visiting a spa showroom.

Prices do not include freight, insurance and merchant fees unless explicitly stated. 

Offers are only available at the discretion of management and may be with drawn at any time prior to the expiry date, without notice and/or reason. Where standard delivery is included this is at the discretion of management. Management may change a ruling regarding delivery terms up until the spa has been paid for in full. Advertising is subject to our ability to meet demand. We reserve the right to refuse customers for any reason. Includes all taxes in Australia. If spas are being exported outside of Australia, then taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Export sales will have different warranties than those in Australia. Please discuss with your agent. Shipping is free on board with the recipient paying all shipping and insurance costs. Any agreement contrary to these terms and conditions must be signed by a senior staff member of Oz Spas in order to overrule these conditions.
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