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What should are the main things I should look at when choosing a spa?

There is a lot a person needs to consider when purchasing a spa. The most important things is that the spa meets the spa users needs. There are many reasons why people buy spas, some people buy spas for hydrotherapy purposes, others buy for socialising. It is important to know this before purchasing a spa.

Also very important is to check that your spa “fits” you. To test fit, the important thing is to come into the show room and try out the spa without water in it. If a spa is comfy without water in it then you can be confident it will be comfy with water in it. The benefit of trying a spa without water in it is that your weight will feel heavier than it would with water, thus simulating your sitting in the spa for a longer period of time. 

It is generally recommend that you stay in a dry spa for approximately 5 minutes. If you can only try a spa with water in it, we suggest staying in the spa for at least half an hour.

What budget should I have in mind when picking an OzSpas Spa?

That is really a personal question that is largely dependent on you. Spas start from $4,000 and go up considerably more. The important point to keep in mind is that a cheap spa is never going to be the same quality as a spa that costs more.

Keep in mind the following points. In general, spas made in China are generally the cheapest. American spas can be very expensive, but a lot of the time you are simply paying to have the spa shipped to you. Australian made spas have the benefit of low transport costs and you have the benefit of knowing you will be able to buy parts for your spa for years to come. You are not just buying the spa today. You are also buying parts that you will need five or ten years later when the spa needs to be fixed.

How long is the warranty on an OzSpas Spa?

The warranty is an agreement between yourself and the spa manufacture about the reliability of spa. Please check out the Ozspas warranty page for information concerning the warranty of OzSpa’s spas sold in Australia.

What plumbing is required for a portable spa?

Generally none, you simply fill you spa with a garden hose. OzSpas Spas have a built in drain that can also be connected to your garden hose. This makes an OzSpas installation hassle free.

What electrical work is required for a portable spa?

Almost all spas sold in Australia need to hardwired to your power supply. We suggest using the Yellow Pages to find a local electrician. Each showroom has its own electrician if you would prefer. They generally charge a little more but you have the peace of mind of being sure your electrician has installed a spa before.

Where does my spa need to sit?

Spas require flat and solid foundations. This is to prevent the spa moving after the spa is put in place. If the spa moves after it has been put in place then it may be damaged.  See our spa guide. It is also wise to think about privacy concerns you may have.

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