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This page contains sizing information for the following LA Spas: Paradise spa, Solera spa, Esteem spa, H.E.E.T. spa, Tuscan spa, Fiji spa, Oasis spa, Concord spa, Allure spa.

When getting their spa water tested many people will know the name of their spa but not the size of their spa. As a service to our customers we have listed below the sizes of the most common spas as at 22/12/2010. Information is provided on an as is basis. That is, we are cannot accept responsibility for incorrect sizes. If in doubt, please check it. Ultimately the correct water volume of your spa is your responsibility but this may provide some assistance. Please let us know if you find a spa to be incorrect, out of date, or simply missing.

Paradise H2 Spa Size Review

2340mm x 3450mm x 890mm

Solera Spa Size Review

234cm x 254cm x 890mm

Esteem Spa Size Review

2340mm Sq x 890mm

H.E.E.T.Spa Size Review

2340mm x 890mm

Oasis Spa Size Review

2110mm Sq x 890mm

Concord Spa Size Review

2340mm sq x 890mm

Fiji Spa Size Review

2110mm x 890mm

Tuscan Spa Size Review

198cm x 211cm x 890mm

Allure 111 Spa Size Review

158cm x 211cm x 840mm
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