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What spa should I buy?

When people are looking to buy a spa, one of the most common questions they have is "what spa should I buy?" and that question is the focus of this page.

The answer to for what spa to buy is not straight forward. Choosing a portable spa is all about what is important for you. Some people simply want a hot tub, no more than a bath with hot water in it. Others are looking for a luxury Jacuzzi with every bell and whistle. The important thing is to work out what is important to you. Listed below are some things to consider when purchasing a spa.

What budget do you have in mind for your spa?

Although the budget you have in mind for you spa is probably one of the last things you want to tell a spa dealer it is a very real factor for determining which spa you end up with. There is no point wanting a spa with a built in TV and DVD player when your budget is only $5, 000. As with everything in life, you can get a great deal but you must also be realistic enough to accept that a $20, 000 spa to seat 12 person Jacuzzi will never be discounted down to the price of a five seater hot tub. 

Who is going to use your spa?

Who is going to use the spa is really important. If you are simply looking for a spa just for you and your partner then there is no point buying a five person spa. Instead you might be better off considering a three person spa. If your looking at one for the sports team to relax after a tough game you might be better of buying a 12 person spa.

Also worth considering in the size of the people that are going to use the spa. Ozspas generally designs spas so that there are a few seats for larger people and a few seats for small people. As a general rule women 

Where are you going to locate your spa?

Most spas are about 2m x 2m but it is good to leave about 1m either side to make access underneath the spa. Also think about what colours would match where your spa is going to be located. Read our pre spa delivery guide for more information. 

How important are features such as massage for your spa? I.E. are you looking more for a Jacuzzi or a Hot Tub Spa?

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